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Episode 17: Egypt's Political Turmoil


Show Notes
There has been a plethora of coverage from various media outlets about the 48-hour ultimatum put forth by the Egyptian military regarding Morsi.  As we all know, Morsi is no longer in power, and there's an effort to have a legitimate intern government, though not without internal conflict.  This isn't the first time a Middle Eastern government has gone through such an ordeal with an elected official.

In Iran, Mossadeq was overthrown by his own people.  Though named Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1951, he fell out of favor shortly after attempting to nationalize the oil fields.

In the case of Morsi, oil fields weren't necessarily involved.  It appears to be more of an internal conflict with the people of Egypt over a variety of issues.  It's interesting to note that the current Presidential Administration has not referred to the events as a military coup, for doing so would violate this law.



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