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Episode 19: Israel, Syria, and the Middle East


Israel's air strike on Syria has likely resulted in those who are on the edge of their seats and wondering what will happen next on the global stage.  The New York Times reports that U.S. officials claim that Russia sold weapons to Syria.  Israel's aim was to simply intercept and destroy them.

The Players

Israel: Has a bigger military, more advanced technology, natural resources, and an efficient economy (subsidized by foreign aid).

Syria: Shrinking economy (due to sanctions), political instability, declining oil production, yet more arable land (though pollution and soil erosion put it on equal footing with Israel).  There's also been the issue of possibly using chemical weapons on Palestinians.  Rebels are attempting to overthrow government, and are gaining some victories in some cases, though there is an issue in regards to chemical weapons.

What About Iran?

Tom Gross of the Weekly Standard opines that Israel's recent strike in Syria should serve as a warning against Iran, a country that Netanyahu claims is close to making a nuclear weapon.  Here's a report on that from Israel Today.  For a dissenting opinion, here's something from Forbes regarding that.  Yes, Israel has nuclear weapons of their own according to ex-President Jimmy Carter and The Times of Israel.



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