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Episode 3: Secret Experiments on Civilian Populations


We've all heard about conspiracy theories about experimenting on civilians without their knowledge or consent, right?  As it turns out, there has been experimentation in the past, and in at least a couple of cases, the same corporation has turned up.
 A local TV station in St. Louis even reported in September of last year that during the Cold War, civilians were experimented upon without their knowledge or consent. Victims even shared their stories a month later.

Those weren't the only experiments done however.  In 1917, the United States Radium Corporation had created glow in the dark paint that was radioactive, and the women working in their factories were exposed to a large amount.  The same corporation was involved in experimentation with a portion of the St. Louis population, but it wasn't the only Cold War era experiment taking place. There was MK ULTRA as well, which came to light after the Watergate scandal occured.

 Civilians aren't the only victims. Military personnell has been subject to experimentation as well. For more information, check out the show notes below.

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