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Episode 29: Continuing Your Education


Show Notes

One of the biggest problems with continuing one's education is the expense in tuition alone.  Things are beginning to change as more college level courses are being offered online (for free in some cases).

  • EdX:  Courses are offered by MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and other prestigious universities around the world.  It is an attempt to innovate education in a manner that is consistent with non-profit organizations and in a manner that is sustainable.
  • Coursera: Founded by computer science professors from Standfaord University, this site offers multiple courses free of charge.  Like EdX, other universities have joined up.
  • Mooc List:  Lists courses that are available online free of charge.
  • Here's a top 10 list from BDPA Detroit
  • Since continuing education is a part of this episode, the 90/10 rule for colleges was mentioned.  More info on that rule is here.
  • Mises Academy: It's important to note that emphasis is placed on the Austrian School of Economics as well as libertarian political and social theory.  Courses aren't free, but the prices are much lower than most universities would charge.

More information may be obtained by searching for "moocs" using your preferred search engine.



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