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Episode 30: Easter Eggs, Glitches, Oh My!


Intro courtesy of The Introvert.

Video Game Easter Eggs and Glitches

Bugs in the Linux Kernel and Ubuntu 13.10

With the release of Ubuntu came bugs. The first link listed is a duplicate of another bug that is marked critical, and similar problems have shown up in Arch.  No wonder Linus Torvalds has been contemplating working on stability and bug fixes for version 4.0.


On the first day of rollout, very few people were successful in signing up.Potential security concerns also hampered the site's success.  To add insult to injury, it turns out that the company that spent three years putting it all together has not only failed before, but has also violated free and open source licenses by removing a copyright notice from the coding they used.  It looks like the UK may also be running into similar problems in the near future all in the name of keeping a campaign promise.



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