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Episode 40: 2014 Predictions


							 Episode 40: 2014 Predictions

Thomas Holbrook II

 He predicts that Chrome OS and devices that use it will be on the rise in addition to affordable computing.  This includes Chromebooksall-in-ones, and other low powered devices such as the Raspberry Pi.  He also predicted that new media would be on the rise, and this report's summary seems to point that way.  Examples of new media would include the WWE Network, which was crapped on by an individual who does not understand the industry.

Steven Tompkins

Thanks in part to Valve, he believes that Linux-based gaming will be on the rise.  He also predicted that Chrome OS and Android may meet in the middle, especially since Intel is looking into entering the ARM arena of computing

Stephen Kelley

He sees a potential security threat at the Sochi Olympics.  He also sees Sony's Playstation 4 dominating the video game market as well as interesting things for something that will be called Playstation Now.

Featured image downloaded (150x150) from Dan Queiroz under CC BY 2.0 License.  As always, thanks goes to The Introvert for the intro theme.



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