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Episode 41: Developing an Online Presence


							 Episode 41: Developing an Online Presence

Show Notes

For starters, you might consider checking out W3Schools to learn some basic HTML, because you'll want to know some of what's going on behind the scenes so to speak.  Even if you're only using WordPressBlogger, or even a social networking site, you may wind up having to use or look at pieces of code, especially if you're an AdSense publisher.

And whatever you do, be wary of companies that offer to pay you just to publish something.  What they tend to do is likely in violation of Google's Terms of Service, and if you're and Adsense Publisher, you'll likely get banned from using their service (and lose potential ad revenue).  Thomas was offered money to publish an "editorial" about this online casino, which has had complaints anyway.

World Wide Web image is under the GNU FDL and as always, we thank The Introvert for the intro theme. 



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