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Episode 42: The Sochi Olympics


Russia has not been wtihout criticism regarding foeign and domestic policy, hence the controversy surrounding this year's Winter Olympics.  For starters, there's a reason why people are using VPN's and proxies to bypass NBC in the United States.

 One of the controversies involved  № 135-FZ: Propaganda of Non-Traditional Sexual Relationships Among Minors, or the so called "anti-gay" law.  Could a person be arrested for being gay?  Truth be told, things are a bit more complicated.

The short story is that a person in theory can not be arrested due to sexual orientation, but they can get into trouble for promoing such lifestyles to minors.  It's also interesting to note that same sex marriages are also prohibited.

 There's antoher take on this in The Guardian and Washington Post

PolicyMic has more details

 According to the CBC, an attempt of hijacking a plane failed.  There were also all sorts of technical difficulties.  Being trapped in the bathroom, discovering that cameras were in the hotel rooms, and more is making this event very interesting.

There were even pictures that were not even from Sochi that went viral. At least the Jamaican bob sledding team gets to participate.  Interesting event either way.



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