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Episode 45: New Scientific Discoveries


							 Episode 45: New Scientific Discoveries

Show Notes

There have been a number of recent discoveries that could lead to a change in paradigms.  One example in terms of energy is a fusion reactor, as reported by RTTime, and NPR.  Did you know that there may be more than one universe?  This has caused some to ponder if we really live in a real life matrix.

What's even more interesting is that the earth may be older than anticpiated with the discovery of foot prints that were dated by one million years.  Said discovery was also reported by USA Today.  We may have no idea how old the planet is, but we do know when religion sprang up, right?  According to Smithsonian Magazine, wrong!  Also reported on Before It's News, it turns out that a temple in Turkey is shedding some light on the subject; the discovery is not new, but the hypothesis is now being made public.

Wired also has a list of the top discoveries from 2013

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