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Episode 46: Naughty Politicians!


							 Episode 46: Naughty Politicians!

Show Notes

We've all seen douchebags in various political offices throughout the years of our lives.  One example would be Rob Ford.  In an incident known as "Ass-gate," he apparently grabbed a candidate's behind in an inappropriate manner.  The bad part; he's Canadian.

So the U.S. Congress can get pretty ridiculous with fake fillibusters from Ted Cruz and government shut downs that border the ridiculous.  India puts them to absolute shame. Full on violence actually broke out over a disagreement with legislation.  Wow!

Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italy, has thrown parties and been involved in so many scandals that he makes Richard Nixon look like an abosolute saint. His bunga bunga parties have landed him in the #17 spot of List 25's 25 Biggest Political Scandals in History.

...and of course who couldn't forget goold ole' Anthony Weiner. In face palm after face palm moment, he tried to run for mayor of New York despite scandals in which he sent pictures of nether regions to women half his age under the name Carlos Danger.  Due to that, he has been the butt of many jokes.  Even Infowars joined in on the fun.

For more political scandals and embarrassments, here's a list



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