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Episode 47: St Patrick's Day


							 Episode 47: St Patrick's Day

Show Notes

 Did you know that the Luck of the Irish was more of a derragatory remark instead of a compliment?  Did you know that St. Patrick didn't actually chase away a bunch of snakes?  There have been many myths surrounding this day, and the United States has reinvented yet another holiday in order to obtain an excuse to consume alcohol.

As it turns out, blue is more of the color of that day as opposed to green, so that special color for beer is a bit off to say the least.  The History Channel and History News Network lists plenty of myths surrounding this holiday.  At the end of the day, one thing is clear; at least it wasn't on a weekend this time.

Image courtesy of the GNU FDL . As always, we thank The Introvert for the opening theme.



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