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Episode 54: Nerdiness and Geekdom in the Mainstream?


While on vacation in Oklahoma, Thomas saw Guardians of the Galaxy, which prompted him to ask the question about Nerdom and Geekdom being mainstream.

Though the rhetoric is vile, Maddox points out the issue of such things being mainstreamPSFK has a wonderful article about the subject matter as well.  The Geeks are Sexy website (which Maddox also trashed) also asks the question of whether it's a good or bad thing for such things to be mainstream.

Still, there are those to this day who have reservations about revealing what they're into at their job. Speaking of which, Cracked has an insightful piece on how things just aren't quite the same.

There's the question of whether there are those who are simply jumping on the bandwagon to look popular.  There are listed signs of somebody not being a "real nerd," which prompts the arguments over "nerd cred" (not to mention gender-based arguments that go back and forth). 

Then there's the issue of oversaturation and the end of originality.  This appears to have happened with Comic Con and other conventions that grow into large commercial events.  There are even those who ask if we're missing the point as well.

Still, at the end of the day, it seems more people are accepting of the things that we may have enjoyed growing up, and that's definitely a good thing. 



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