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Episode 59: Gamergate


To put things into perspective, check out an example of mindless group think from Social Justice Warriors, who apparently has chosen gamers as their target.

Stephen Kelley once wrote for a video game website, and he noticed how things changed when the money started rolling in.  When banner ads for published games were on said site, nothing negative was said about such games until the ads were gone.  He was even asked to bump up a previous rating for a review, but he said no.

This Reddit thread summarizes the issue of relations between gaming press and video game companies themselves.  What Culture and Vox also have mentioned this scandal as well.

In short, Zoe Quinn, creator of Depression Quest, was accused of sleeping with a game journalist in order to get press for her game.  She was also accused of attempting to sabotage an initiative to help women design video games.

Throw 4Chan into the mix, and you have a lot of harrasment, which prompted this articleBreitbart also links to screenshots of controversial e-mails from various game journalists.  As to whether there's any truth to gender issues in video games, Maddox may just have the right answer. 

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