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Episode 72: Ubuntu Phone and Besthesda Going to E3!



bq's Aquarius e4.5 Ubuntu Edition has been released.  WebUpd8 writes that it's a great OS on average hardware.  It is just under $200 USD and has already been selling out.

bq has more info about the phone itself, which is just slightly better than a Samsung Galaxy S2.  The phone itself is for early adopters and is currently not available in the U.S.

Besthesda has announcede that they will have their first ever appearance at E3.  Speculation has been abound about what they could be announcing.  Polygon and Forbes are suggesting that a new Fallout may be announced.  The game studio has the habit of quietly working on things while refusing to confirm anything with the press.

Bonus content includes mentioning the Raspberry Pi 2.



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