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Episode 84: Python Adventures and Some E3


Thomas's Programming Background

  • HTML
  • Mostly Visual Basic
  • Some Java (barely)

So far, he's learned how to print messages, perform calculations, and declare variables (which isn't as strict as other languages).


Gamespot has as a comprehensive article on the announcements made this year.  Phillip Wesley of DMGICE had this to say:

"So far at E3.

Microsoft: We have Halo and Rare. You like Rare, right? Fine. How about a price drop. Do you like us yet?

Sony: We have old games, coming out next year, and we want you to pay to develop one of them. You're smart and intelligent, so you'll obviously not realize this is a scam.

EA/Activision/UBISoft: Hey. Sequels that look slightly better, but play exactly like the previous games aren't expansion packs. They are totally new games.

Nintendo: Here's a bunch of stuff for this year that requires you to actually make friends while you are in line for Amiibo. Please look at these sales, downloadable E3 demos, and Earthbound Beginnings.

SquareEnix: Mobile games are good, right? Oh, Kingdom Hearts is getting even more pretentious this time around. Also, I guess Dragon Quest exists for now."

Games Shaggy's Looking Forward To

  • Games Shaggy is Looking Forward to:
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Fallout 4
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Final Fantasy VII reboot
  • Need for Speed reboot



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