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Episode 88: Windows 10 First Impressions


Windows 10

There are privacy concerns due to Cortana and OneDrive being heavily integrated into the OS. Nevertheless, the OS seems to be interesting thus far. Thomas had to install the Windows 7 drivers for his Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS.

The main issues he ran into were HTML 5 video playback in IE and Edge (video didn't render properly, though audio played) and the cumulative update failing. Thr update wasn't mentioned in the show due to discovery after recording (resetting the installation solved the problem).

Shaggy was disappointed that he couldn't get the 64-bit edition of Java to work with his installation (he plays Minecraft and uses mods on a regular basis).  If his system ran idle, he had performance issues. Both upgrades were achieved through command line finagling.

Steam Consoles

A list of consoles can be seen here. By looking at the list, one can tell that they are glorified HTPC's. Shaggy believes that building a custom PC will give the user more value for tgeir money while Thomas can see the value of getting one for under $500.



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