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Episode 89: Disillusionment of the Body Politic


Presidential Primaries 2016

Salon has an informative piece on why the two candidates represent the perfect storm in politics.  More citizens are becoming disillusioned with the status quo in politics.  The author notes that neither one of them would make for a good President, but someone will be paying attention with aspirations of their own for 2020.

Sanders is known for being a socialist who sees inequality in terms of income for working Americans. He is openly gay and has had quite the past that goes contrary to what many progressives might want (he’s pro 2nd Amendment for the most part). He touts himself as the anti-billionaire candidate.

Trump on the other hand is the rich man who appears to be nothing more than a vanity candidate on the surface. However, some of his positions do overlap with Sanders’.

Rand Paul, also seeking the nomination of the Republican Party nomination has accused Trump of being a fake conservative. Trump's changing positions aren't helping his case.

Political Disillusionment

Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece about the disillusionment against both major parties. Lee Fang of The Intercept also pointed out how Trump demonstrated the broken system of politics. Sanders has been gaining on Clinton as well (though the Black Lives matter demonstrators may have disrupted the process a bit).

Let’s say both candidates decide to run as an Independent. They would have a big problem on their hands. Just ask Gary Johnson.



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