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Episode 91: Mobile VS Stationary Gaming



The Original: Bioshock.

Shaggy: My rationale behind choosing this game came from the fact that Thomas wanted me to pick a game either from console or PC. And I didn’t want to pick a title specifically geared toward one platform, because as I grew up I played primarily on a console. I grew up in the era where Nintendos and the SNES and the original playstation became prevalent, and the N64 to not bash on nintendo. I wanted to choose a title that showed the capabilities of a console, but also that could be played on a PC. Bioshock had a focus on the console rather than the PC because it was, and still is, a time when consoles were more popular than PC’s. The latest iteration in the series is Bioshock Infinite. Which takes a new spin on the world of Bioshock, and with the DLC integrates the original game. I have not personally played Bioshock 2, however it was developed by a different gaming studio instead of Irrational Games. The story for the second game was also not written or produced by Ken Levine, the mastermind behind the Bioshock games. Also, the latest game is available on Linux, and if you follow our podcast or even know a remote amount about us you know that we are all about FOSS. This shows the movement of PC gaming now, more gamers are wanting the ability to play their games on more than one platform and not be locked into a specific vendor.

WWE Immortals

Thomas: I’m a WWE fan, so when I saw this game for free, I installed it. The premise as a fighting game is simple. Tap for quick attacks, swipe for stronger attacks. Tap adrenaline bar for signature attacks. Certain levels have to be attained before finishers and gear become unlocked. Like most freemium games, there are helpful features that you have to pay for (recharging so you can enter additional matches as opposed to waiting for your characters to recover). There are online events in which you play against teams assembled by other players (it isn’t real time as far as I can tell….. the opponents appear to be computer controlled) for additional gear, Immortal Credits (that you can use to purchase other characters, enhancements, etc….), Reknown (which determines ranking in tournaments). Other games on consoles/desktops may have DLC, whereas mobile games may require you to pay for them.

Characters can be leveled up in two ways; level and legendary levels. Normal levels are obtained through experience, while legendary levels are obtained by acquiring duplicate character cards, which can be used as stat boosters. Having John Cena in the role of a Superhero (Evolved John Cena) and the Undertaker as a Necromancer makes the overall theme of the game unique.

Rare characters can be obtained through online and special challenge events.


Programming and wallet vaccuum aside, controls and compatibility are the main defferentiating factors.

Though mobile gaming can be attached to a bigger screen, compatibility may not always be there.One may accidentally press the home screen button, thus switching away from the game. Mobile network connections can be hindered by data coverage, allowance, and wonky SIM cards. WiFi and Ethernet are more stable.

Controls are definitely a difference maker. It’s more difficult to press the wrong button on a controller, mouse, and keyboard.



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