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Episode 92: Mobile vs Stationary Gaming Part Deux


Kingdoms of Amalur

  • Developed by 38 Studios, which was subsidized by the state of Rhode Island.
  • Four playable races, three class trees, and 22 abilities per tree for customizability.
  • Button mashing may be utilized, but strategy is also requried in this action RPG.
  • Official Site here.
  • The main character is known as the Fatless One.
  • Available for console and PC (even on Steam).

Final Fantasy III

  • Android Port of the 2007 DS release (PC Magazine).
  • Turn based combat.
  • Compass like image appears on the screen as the touchscreen is used for navigation.
  • Tapping is well suited for choosing menu items and enemies to attack during combat. Navigation can get tricky at times however, especially if a tablet/phone's touch screen is a dud.
  • Saves can be synced with the cloud, thus enabling resuming with a different device.



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