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The *Nixed Report covers technology and topics that have a popular following but are often overlooked or misunderstood and/or misrepresented by traditional media venus.

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Episode 109: Stepping it Up


Show Notes

Thomas wrote an essay regarding President Trump and what can be done about it. He's also ahead of schedule, and already has the official Patreon page up and running. Those who want to support the show have a convenient way of doing so.

This Sunday is the Royal Rumble, and there are plans to coordinate with Stephen Kelley regarding reactions, analysis, etc of one of the biggest WWE events before Wrestlemania.

Finally, The Reglue Project is having their annual fundraiser. As of updating the feed of the show, they are at $900. Their goal is a humble $9,200. Those who can chip in, please do so. If you can't please share the link to their campaign every chance you get.



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