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Episode 112: An Unlimited Future


Episode 112: An Unlimited Future


Distrowatch has a review of RaspBSD. It's incredible what you can do with a small computer these days. Following Firefox, Thunderbird is making a return to Debian. Meanwhile, Apple is fighting back against the "Right to Repair" movement.

Verizon now has Unlimited Data packages.

  • $80 for a single line. Two devices can be connected like a smart watch and tablet, and the price includes service and access charges with autopay and paperliss billing set up. Your employee discount may not apply to it.
  • After 22 GB of data, you may get reprioritized during congestion. Mobile hotspot/tethering allows for 10 GB of data before throttling to 3G speeds (eat that Straight Talk!).
  • Multi-line costs a bit more, but allows for up to 10 devices. It's also a better deal than AT&T's "Unlimited Data" (they have no hotspot or tethering included and are more expensive).

Overlooked Pop Culture

The Reglue Project's fundraiser is coming to a close. See if you can help them by sharing the link or chipping in here.



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