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The *Nixed Report covers technology and topics that have a popular following but are often overlooked or misunderstood and/or misrepresented by traditional media venus.

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Episode 113: Canonical's Gambit





Canonical is apparently offering extended support for one of their server products for a price. This could ensure profitability in the long term. Since they are a private company, there is no way to tell if they are currently profitable or are losing money.

AMD Ryzen launched this month with Ryzen 7.  AMD’s newest high end consumer chip.  Targeted primarily at the enthusiast level, the 8 core 16 thread 1800x is a beast, and in most multithreaded workloads, it beats out it’s direct competitor, the Intel i7 6900k, for half the cost.

Ryzen 5, the more mainstream chip is expected to release April 11th.



System76 has also started marketing ARM servers:


Overlooked Pop Culture

Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a satire of the olden days of Professional Wrestling. There are four episodes that are available on WWE’s YouTube Channel. If popular enough, it could become a regular show on their network.




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