By Thomas Holbrook II

I recently subscribed to the WWE Network, and thus far, it seems to be worth $10 a month.  I was able to watch most of Payback last night, which brings me to today’s topic.

Bray Wyatt: The Eater of Worlds.
The Eater of Worlds in the WWE.

Let’s talk storylines.

Pro wrestling is the most unique form of theater as it requires athleticism along with the ability to improvise in front of an immense crowd.  The Shield didn’t reunite, but there’s a good reason.

It would have been too obvious.

One of the overlooked elements in WWE today is none other than Bray Wyatt.  He has had a history of being subtle.  As a so called “master manipulator,” he’s able to misdirect the audience into thinking he’s headed in one direction while it turns out not to be the case.

For instance, before his match with Ryback, viewers would find out why The Big Guy was challenged; he was simply in Wyatt’s way.  Wyatt’s way of what?

If one read the shirt he was wearing during the match while remembering the entrance, things may begin to make sense.

The overall message of the shirt went along the lines of, “Follow the light….. find your way home.”  While The Shield didn’t reunite last night, a couple of individuals did before the event.

Eric Rowen and Luke Harper.

There are plenty of members in the main WWE roster, and Ryback was getting more attention as of late.  Could that have been interfereing with Wyatt’s attempt to reunite his clan?  Furthermore, could he have been using the match in question to get the attention of Rowen and Harper?

Bear in mind that Wyatt has been playing the subtle game since the beginning of this year.  When Dolph Ziggler performed The Famouser on him, he no-sold it.  Then came the vignettes.  Then came the coffin….. except it happened over several weeks.

So let’s speculate for a moment.  Since a reunification of the Wyatt Family is being presented as something that isn’t as obvious, then when would be a good time for it to take place?

There was a slow build of three months to Wrestlemania 31 against The Undertaker.  Going by that time frame, would it be safe to say that at least three months from now, it may take place (assuming it does at all)?

After all, Summerslam would be the perfect venue to rebuild a faction that could act as competition against the more monopolisic Authority.  What are your thoughts?