At The *Nixed Report, we want to publish the highest quality content possible. It’s something that we are passionate about. That is why we have over 100 podcast episodes published.

However, there are times when passion alone aren’t enough.

That’s why this page exists. For those wondering how they can help build this media venue from the ground up, here are a few options.

Financial Resources

We want to provide quality reviews of various products, goods, and services. Web hosting has become more economical in recent years and it’s now easier than ever to publish content with high quality audio and video.

All of the above still costs money.

That’s why we have a variety of ways you can help us. One of them is through the button in the sidebar to the right (or just click below).


We understand that not everybody can use or is comfortable using PayPal. We believe in flexibility, so you may consider becoming a Patron via Patreon instead.

Patreon is for those of you who wish to support us for the long haul.
For those wanting to help us for the long haul.

PayPal is great for one time donations while Patreon is fantastic for those who want to help us on an ongoing basis.

Note that we are currently tweaking the rewards, so some of them may change down the road.

Equipment And/Or Review Samples

Thomas plans on purchasing most of the computers and other goods/services in order to review them. However, for those who do want to have their products, goods, and/or services reviewed, arrangements can be made in the future.

For a physical product, it will have to be shipped free of charge to the address of one of us to review unless of course one of us decides to make a purchase of our own accord. Depending on the physical product, each of us will need to be allowed to keep it for at least six months as long term use will tell us the full story on whether it’s a quality product.

We don’t want to recommend something to our audience if we wouldn’t want to use that product on a long term basis ourselves.

After that six month period, if we feel we can recommend said product to our readers and podcast audience, we shall do so. Two available options will then be opened:

  1. We can send the physical product back or…..
  2. We keep the product and there will be free advertising for six months. This means that there would be a banner placed towards the end of each post on the website, a mention in each episode of the podcast, and mention in each video that Thomas publishes on the official YouTube Channel.

This would allow up and coming manufacturers/vendors the chance to shine while we keep our integrity intact. In fact, the ads that you do see are the only other type that shall exist.

In other words, we don’t allow anybody to purchase ad space except for what is described above.

If the physical product is something we can’t recommend, we simply ship it back. For goods/services that aren’t physical, the same rule applies with the exception of shipping address and keeping said product/service (if it entails a free subscription, let us keep it for as long as the advertising period of six months is in place)

Any other terms can be negotiated, but this won’t be available for a while.

When this option does become available, you can either do as above or simply gift us equipment. It will be entirely up to you.

Contributing Content

We are looking for those who are willing to write for us. Though there is no payment involved at the moment, we would allow the following:

  1. After a period of six months, any contributing writer can have re-publishing rights. This means having an entire post in full at your disposal to do with as you please. We will still retain rights to your work as well, so we’ll both have copyright to your work.
  2. This means that all authors can publish an anthology of their own after enough time passes. If something like that is done, let us know and we’ll gladly promote your work for you so that you can hopefully have enough people buy it.
  3. We promote your blog, your site, streaming media channel, etc. In other words, we don’t mind you working on side projects so long as we both help each other out. We’re all in this together.

Applications won’t be available yet, but stay tuned. We’ll be working on that soon.

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