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One of the greatest challenges that any media venue must contend with is that proverbial wall between content and advertising.  Unfortunately, there are times when advertising can influence the direction of a given venue.

That’s why you, the audience, are the official sponsor of The *Nixed Report.

There are a number of ways to invest in this media venue in order to help it grow and be successful.

Spread the Word

There are links to a variety of social networking sites.  By visiting those links, following/liking/+ing them, and sharing them with everyone, the site will grow.  Yes, we’re also on Tumblr.

Contribute to the Website, Podcast, or Magazine

Written articles are accepted for the website and digital magazine.  Interviews and other audio content is accepted for the podcast as well.  Those who are interested may go through the following means:

  • The social networks linked in the left column (Tumblr users may click here).
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 660-474-0345

Be sure to specify what the content type is (written, audio, video), what it consists of, and which avenue is most appropriate (website, podcast, magazine).  Acceptance of submissions is at the discretion of the Editor in Chief.

If your submission is rejected, an explanation will be given as to why it occurred.  If accepted, you will be granting royalty-free rights for use of your content by Thomas Holbrook II and The *Nixed Report while retaining your rights to your creation.

This means that submissions that are published may be re-used for both commercial and non-commercial uses by this media venue.  The good news is that you won’t have to wait any period of time to submit the same content to other venues or to publish it yourself.

For example, if you write an original article that is published in the magazine, you would be able to submit it to other sites or to publish on your own site, blog, in a book for sale, or other avenue at your own discretion.  You simply give us permission to use your work while we allow you to retain rights, because we believe that the individual owns their thoughts and therefore should be allowed to express and re-express in any way they see fit.

Note that feedback of any kind may also be directed through the various options listed above.


There are times when one doesn’t know how they can help.  When all else fails, money can always be of assistance, especially since it’s required for the payment of web hosting and equipment.There are numerous ways to donate to the site.  Donations are accepted via PayPal, WePay, or Bitcoin.


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