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One of the most lucrative and criticized industries. Video games is one of the most popular forms of electronic entertainment.

Throwback Thursday: Sega Genesis

By Thomas Holbrook II: I remember growing up with the NES.  It was the predominant gaming console of the late 1980’s.  That’s why it could be found in Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Though I didn’t own one, I’ve also played the Sega Genesis and found it to be fascinating.  This 16-bit console hit […]

Wednesday Weekly Links: December 11, 2013

As we head deeper and deeper into Winter, more people are going to stay indoors to avoid the cold weather.  Eventually, people will get bored and will start killing time on the Internet.  To make things a bit more pleasant for those who happen to be bored, never fear! Our weekly links will have you […]

Throwback Thursday: SNES Emulation

Thomas Holbrook II | The *Nixed Report Growing up, we all had our favorite past times.  Some played baseball, while others played video games.  My favorite activity revolved around the latter, and one of my favorite consoles was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the […]

Wednesday Weekly Links: November 20, 2013

In one week, we’ll be having Thanksgiving.  We go old school on the technology side of things, take a satirical look at a popular form of food, and delve into our inner geek a little bit. Unix The NSA DID ask Linus Torvalds to leave backdoors in the Linux kernel:  This one shouldn’t be too […]