Weekly Links

Thomas Holbrook II | The *Nixed Report

It’s been a long week, so in the interest of time, I paired this week’s report down to four links. Life has its own way of interfering with progress, but it’s better to give something than nothing at all.

That said, some classic systems were purchased.

One will become a gift and the other will become a regular on the website. With that said, let’s get this done.


What a big surprise usual announcement of a new iPhone! Apple is known for coming out with new phones on a regular basis. The announcement includes a mini version of said phone.

One the free and open source front, Rescuezilla’s newest release became available. Those familiar with tools like Clonezilla, Ghost, and others have an additional option for cloning hard drives.

Overlooked Pop Culture

There’s a reason some parts of the US have substituted Columbus Day for Indigenous People’s Day. Suffice it to say, I was fortunate to have a teacher in middle school who said that he wasn’t the one who discovered America.

As for the Hunter Biden story, the Verge has an interesting piece on how multiple entities messed up in terms of coverage.

Suffice it to say, Mark Zuckerberg was correct in warning that they can’t act as arbiters of truth. The attempt to stop disinformation was fuzzy and ineffective. People wound up talking about the story anyway.

That’s all for this week, and I will take a break from pushing our Patreon page.