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Wednesday Weekly Links: February 5, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Links

Ah, the month of February.  Cupid is in the air, and love is all around us.  Sometimes that feeling shows itself in strange ways, especially this week.

There’s creative amusing love, reciprocated love, tough love, and more.  This week, we’ll explore a few examples both in the technology and pop culture realms.


  • Nixie Pixel: Her site is full of tech, video games, and all around nerdiness.  After seeing her respond on Slashdot to both positive and negative comments, it was only fitting to have her site linked this week.
    Screenshot of Nixie Pixel's comment on Slashdot defending herself against negative comments and appreciating positive feedback.
    Well articulated defense!


  • Toshiba Chromebook Hits the Scene (MaximumPC): Google’s cloud-based OS is finding itself on more devices.  Toshiba’s offering is Intel-based and has a 720p webcam, which means high quality video for YouTube.  One can either get it from the company for $300 USD or from other venues for $280 USD when it becomes available.
  • The Day the Light Came On for Eddie (FOSS Force): Ken “helios” Starks tells the story of a teen wanting to learn Python as well as an offer made to a family member regarding their GPA and a new computer.  It’s a heart warming story.


Overlooked Pop Culture

  • Maddox Responds to Backlash Against Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad with America the Beautiful being sung in multiple languages has caused quite a stir.  Maddox responds with an image of his own, and sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words.  It’s well worth the read, especially given the hypocrisy of today’s society.
  • Maddox Responds to “Inspiration:” Why link to his site twice in the same week?  Simple.  He’s Maddox.  While there are times for inspiration and positive thinking, people sometimes take things a bit too far as he illustrates in his piece against the motivational speaking industry.
  • Snow Day Announced Creatively (KSHB): Tim Reves, the Principal of Cedar Creek Elementary announced a snow day over the phone to his students to the tune of What Does the Fox Say.  Needless to say, nobody asked how Reves felt.

Friday Epic Fail: Caption Misshaps

A picture of a cover caption lacking commas.
Mmmm…… dog meat…..

The magazine industry is still going fairly strong today.  Going to any major general retailer, book store, or grocery store, one will always notice the magazine and/or book sections.  The captions of the covers can grab the attention of everyone, as the whole publication screams, “Please buy me!”

Unfortunately, some disasters can occur.

Without commas, one might assume that the cops would pursue Rachael Ray for killing her own family with PETA not far behind.

In short, commas save lives.

A strategically placed retail sticker on the cover of Moby Dick.
Yes, that’s nice. Now put it away, please….

Magazines aren’t the only victims of such simple oversights.  Movies can also be the unwitting victims, especially in retail outlets as pictured on the right.

Ok, so are we hunting for whales or are we afraid a certain sexual organ is shrinking?  Are we talking harpoons or sperm count?

Remember kids, sticker placement is important.  Very important!

An example of a bad TV caption.
Speaking of sperm…. no wonder the fires are raging!  Source.

Speaking of which, it’s come to our attention that there are times in which ejaculating will help put out fires, according to the closed caption on the left.  Granted, this was shamelessly swiped from Buzzfeed, but that’s ok.

They have a history of shamelessly swiping content from everyone else.

So remember kids, pay attention when doing any type of captions, no matter the medium.  By the way, if anybody knows where the first two images came from, we’ll gladly link to the original source.  Just let us know in the comments section.

Wednesday Weekly Links: November 20, 2013

In one week, we’ll be having Thanksgiving.  We go old school on the technology side of things, take a satirical look at a popular form of food, and delve into our inner geek a little bit.


  • The NSA DID ask Linus Torvalds to leave backdoors in the Linux kernel:  This one shouldn’t be too surprising, but we’ll throw this one out there all the same.
  • 6502.org: The website that talks about the processor that was used by Apple and other companies in their computers and electronics.  Their Google+ page circled ours after publishing the previous Throwback Thursday.
  • Oldcomputers.net: Hat tip to Stephen Mudd for bringing this link to our attention.  This site explores older computers, the hardware specifications, and more.  For historical reference as well as nostalgia, feel free to check it out.


Overlooked Pop Culture

  • Pepperoni is for idiots, according to Maddox: This one’s a bit older, but with Thanksgiving just around the corner, this is more than appropriate.  Sometimes certain forms of food just aren’t satisfying.  Maddox breaks down why pepperoni isn’t real food.
  • Deadline Live: Jack Blood is a radio talk show host who talks about a variety of topics that are not often mentioned in the mainstream.
  • Bulbagarden: For those PokéMon fans out there, this site’s encyclopedia is extensive.  Detailed information on each PokéMon and characters from the video games, manga, and anime are all available.