Spiked wrecking ball... let's see Cyrus ride that!
Things that make you sterile in a hell of a hurry.

By Thomas Holbrook II

I’ll be up front about this.  I don’t care about Miley Cyrus and her twerking, let alone her song “Wrecking Ball.”  So she’s rebelled against all the blind Hannah Montana fans and Disney.

I can totally understand that.

But acting a fool on a piece of construction/destruction equipment is not going to help matters, especially when other celebrities try to cash in.

For instance:

Hulk Hogan is sponsoring a web hosting company with a litany of various features.  I’m not so sure a man in his 60’s wearing a thong is the right thing to do in terms of marketing, but whatever floats his boat, right?

Let’s see, I can either go with a hosting company that has a bunch of features at a competitive price or one that’s sponsored by a creepy dude wearing hair extensions, a thong, and sporting a less fertile sex organ due to steroids.

I’m thinking I’ll pass on Hostamania.

But it gets worse….. much worse.

At least it was an actual porn star who wasn’t shrunk by steroids.  Still, a fat dude in his tighty whiteys exploiting such a horrible song is bound to leave one sleepless at night, and not in a pleasurable way.

So you see, it’s not the song from Cyrus herself that makes things so painful.  It’s creepy elderly men wanting to get their rocks off while younger kids are busy throwing up.

Thanks Miley.  No.  Really.

Note: Featured image from here under this license.