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Throwback Thursday: Renegade

By Thomas Holbrook II

When I was in grade school, I didn’t always have access to the Internet.  The household would only get a video game console when the price dropped low enough for them.  The main outlet for entertainment was broadcast TV.

We had about four to six whopping channels.

One of the shows that I remember quite well was Renegade, starring Lorenzo Lamas.

I watched the show for the martial arts and gun toting action.  The ladies watched him, because he was a stud on a bike.

Lorenzo Lamas and his long hair.
‘sup ladies?

Lamas played the role of Reno Raines, a former cop who was framed for murder.  He joins Bobby Sixkiller, uses Clint Black as a pseudonym, and becomes a bounty hunter while trying to clear his name.

Dutch Dixon, the crooked cop turned Federal Marshal, is the main villain in the series.  He’s absolutely horrible as an individual, and it makes for an interesting series.

Lamas without a shirt.
Oh, and did I forget to mention that he also takes his shirt off?

The series ran for 110 episodes, and is actually available as a box set.

Though the show may be seen as very corny and blown out of proportion by today’s standards, I remember seeing this guy’s impressive kicks and his motorcycle.

I thought to myself, “Wow.  This dude is tough as nails!”

Plenty of guest stars including Jesse Ventura have made appearances in various episodes.

Anyway, here’s the opening theme.

Friday Epic Fail: Caption Misshaps

A picture of a cover caption lacking commas.
Mmmm…… dog meat…..

The magazine industry is still going fairly strong today.  Going to any major general retailer, book store, or grocery store, one will always notice the magazine and/or book sections.  The captions of the covers can grab the attention of everyone, as the whole publication screams, “Please buy me!”

Unfortunately, some disasters can occur.

Without commas, one might assume that the cops would pursue Rachael Ray for killing her own family with PETA not far behind.

In short, commas save lives.

A strategically placed retail sticker on the cover of Moby Dick.
Yes, that’s nice. Now put it away, please….

Magazines aren’t the only victims of such simple oversights.  Movies can also be the unwitting victims, especially in retail outlets as pictured on the right.

Ok, so are we hunting for whales or are we afraid a certain sexual organ is shrinking?  Are we talking harpoons or sperm count?

Remember kids, sticker placement is important.  Very important!

An example of a bad TV caption.
Speaking of sperm…. no wonder the fires are raging!  Source.

Speaking of which, it’s come to our attention that there are times in which ejaculating will help put out fires, according to the closed caption on the left.  Granted, this was shamelessly swiped from Buzzfeed, but that’s ok.

They have a history of shamelessly swiping content from everyone else.

So remember kids, pay attention when doing any type of captions, no matter the medium.  By the way, if anybody knows where the first two images came from, we’ll gladly link to the original source.  Just let us know in the comments section.