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Friday Epic Fail: One Cop and a Golden Shower

Crotch shot of some dude's boxers.
Hey. It’s cool if I pee on you, right? What, you mad bro? (Image from here under this license).

Thomas Holbrook II

It’s the story of a guy named Noah, and he was at this frat party in Albany, New York.  The cops decided to bust said party, which is such a downer.

Then he got a brilliant idea, and since he was in such a giving mood…….

…..he bestowed upon one of the officers the honor of receiving a golden shower.  Yes, he peed on a member of law enforcement.  He could have tried running or even throwing up hands, but he chose the path of least resistance and just let it all flow out.

Oh, and he had a fake driver’s license too.

All I’ve got to say to Noah is don’t drop the soap bro.  Don’t drop the soap.

Friday Epic Fail: Mom and Daughter Busted for Hot Tub Photo

Camera's in phones may not always be a good thing.
Original image available via Wikimedia Commons.

With the advances made in technology and social media, blunders are bound to occur.  This one happens to have occurred not too far from St. Louis, Missouri.

Considering the fact that St. Louis itself has been the subject of experiments against civilian populations among other weird things, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

According to The Smoking Gun,

The 50-year-old woman and her child posed for the photo last month at their home in Wentzville, a city 40 miles west of St. Louis. According to a probable cause statement, the pair “were covering up their nipples in the picture.”

The hot tub photo, investigators reported, was subsequently “circulated throughout two high schools in the Rockwood School District.” As a result, the woman’s son “was ridiculed by classmates for the picture of his mother and sister.”

The photo was snapped by the teen’s sister, who used her sibling’s phone.

Remember kids: When taking certain pictures, don’t let them circulate in high schools.  If the judgmental peers don’t get to you, prudish authority figures will.