This week is going to be hectic for those working retail, and with a recent decision in a lawsuit, things may be heating up in that sector.  This week’s links cover the thankfulness of old machines that can be brought back to life as well as a few other links worth checking out.


  • Despite Prior Art, Newegg is Found Guilty of Patent Infringement (TechDirt): Despite industry experts testifying that the patent was invalid and explaining why, the jury found Newegg guilty of using a patent regarding e-commerce.  Newegg is appealing the decision.  Those who do any form of e-commerce may want to keep an eye on this case.
  • Distros for Older Computers (Make Tech Easier): Have some older machines collecting dust?  You just might be able to bring them back to life using Wary Puppy, TinyCore, Bohdi, CrunchBang, antiX, and WattOS (just to name a few).
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition: The distro that’s currently being run in the *NixedLabs at the moment and is the current stop for the DistroJourney of 2013.  It’s based on Debian Testing, with updates being bundled in packs to maintain system stability.  Though there are rough edges, the technology utilized is interesting, especially the live system installer, which is home grown courtesy of Clem, the lead developer of Mint.


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