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Conspiracy theories often involve more than one individual acting in tandemn to perform an act, often one with heinous intent. Some are correct, others not so much, and the rest are totally up in the air.

Before We Deify Victor Thorn…

Last week, Scott “Victor Thorn” Makufka ended his own life. Before placing him on a pedestal, there are some unpleasant truths you must know about.

Wednesday Weekly Links: January 29, 2014

Change is the highlight of 2014. From technology to the geopolitical landscape, things are definitely getting interesting, especially in this week’s links.

Wednesday Weekly Links: January 1, 2014

Out with 2013, and in with 2014.  No matter what this year brings, it won’t be boring.  With that said, here’s some links for you to check out this week. Unix Getting Involved in FOSS ( The Red Hat sponsored website has seven ways for people to get involved in various projects that share their […]

Wednesday Weekly Links: November 20, 2013

In one week, we’ll be having Thanksgiving.  We go old school on the technology side of things, take a satirical look at a popular form of food, and delve into our inner geek a little bit. Unix The NSA DID ask Linus Torvalds to leave backdoors in the Linux kernel:  This one shouldn’t be too […]