Not Your Typical Superhero

Cover art for Faith Issue Number One
Faith is not your typical superhero, and Valiant seems to trying to speak to a newer generation.

Thomas Holbrook II | The *Nixed Report

As many in Missouri and Texas may know by now, Hastings is going out of business. In Warrensburg, Missouri, it was one of those stores that brought a variety of entertainment related products and services to markets that would otherwise not have them.

Suffice it to say that with Netflix, Red Box, e-commerce, and the changing of the video game market, it would be inevitable that this would occur.

The good news is that bargains can be found while everything is being liquidated. One of them was a comic book from Valiant Entertainment, Faith. The main character, Faith Herbert, is Zephyr, a superhero with psionic abilities.

She can fly, create protective fields, and move entire objects with those fields (including people).

Unlike Big Bertha from Marvel Comics, she is currently not a character meant for comic relief nor does she have to throw up just to use her abilities. She also works for a media outlet, but one targeted towards a new generation.

Faith works as a writer for Zipline, a Buzzfeed knock-off.

The first issue definitely speaks to a newer generation as there is mention of role-playing games (using pencil, paper, and dice), the conflict of interest on selling out to a media site (just to keep everyone else employed), and of course dating (still a normal part of many peoples’ lives).

I won’t spoil everything for the readers here, but I will say that the comic book series is definitely different. Though they have a special issue with a political candidate not everyone will agree with, it’s not the usual square jawed ripped to the max hero with a dull story line.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for different comics. Have a niche comic you want me to check out? You may let me know in the comments section.

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